2015 Audio

31-Dec-2015 Thursday Service Cross Over 2016 Pastor Simeon Afolabi
27-Dec-2015 Sunday Service Prospecting For A Better Year Pastor Simeon Afolabi
20-Dec-2015 Sunday Service Towards A Better Future Pastor Ruth Afolabi
2-Dec-2015 Wednesday Service Empowerment Of The Spirit Pastor Simeon Afolabi
25-Oct-2015 Wednesday Service Do It Early Pastor Ruth Afolabi
14-Oct-2015 Wednesday Service The Great Unknown Pastor Simeon Afolabi
11-Oct-2015 Sunday Service He Appeared to Them Again Pastor Linus Ochai
30-Sept-2015 Wednesday Service Powers of The Age To Come Pastor Simeon Afolabi
27-Sept-2015 Sunday Service The Traingle of Victory Pastor Linus Ochai
23-Sept-2015 Wednesday Service Benefits of The Blood Pastor Linus Ochai
20-Sept-2015 Sunday Service Filling The Earth With Fruits Rev Francis Ojukwu
16-Sept-2015 Wednesday Service The Legacy of The Promise Pastor Simeon Afolabi
13-Sept-2015 Sunday Service The Promise of The Father Pastor Linus Ochai
06-Sept-2015 Sunday Service The Total Child Pastor Ruth Afolabi
26-Aug-2015 Wednesday Service Contending For The Faith Pastor Linus Ochai
23-Aug-2015 Sunday Service The Role of A man In Global Evangelism Pastor Marvellous Chigoziri
19-Aug-2015 Wednesday Service Generational Curse Pastor Simeon Afolabi
16-Aug-2015 Sunday service Seven Things Teenagers Think They Can Tell Their Parents Pastor Tekena Ikoko
29-July-2015 Sunday Service Jugding Others (2) Pastor Linus Ochai
22-July-2015 Sunday Service Judging Others Pastor Linus Ochai
19-July-2015 Wednesday Service Bought With A Prize Pastor Simeon Afolabi
12-July-2015 Sunday Service Reciprocating God's Love Pastor Ben Omomia
24-June-2015 Wednesday Service Losed From Bondage Pastor Simeon Afolabi
17-June-2015 Wednesday Service How To Be Led Pastor Simeon Afolabi
14-June-2015 Sunday Service Your Faith Makes God To Smile Pastor Ndubuisi Elvis
10- June-2015 Wednesday Service Accessing Our Inheritance In God Pastor Simeon Afolabi


Sunday Service Power To Create Pastor Linus Ochai
10-May-2015 Sunday Service The Redemptive Family (2) Pastor Linus Ochai
3-May-2015 Sunday Service The Redemptive Family (1) Pastor Linus Ochai
26-Apr-2015 Sunday Service From Fear To Faith Pastor Ben Omomia
19-Apr-2015 Sunday Service The Priciples of The Mystery of Seed Pastor Segun Olugbemi
15-Apr-2015 Wednesday Service Markers Of Spiritual Growth Pastor Simeon Afolabi
12-Apr-2015 Sunday Service The Fear of The Lord Pastor Linus Ochai
8-Apr-2015 Wednesday Service Abiding In Christ Pastor Simeon Afolabi
5-Apr-2015 Sunday Service Redemptive Work Pastor Mrs Ruth Afolabi
29-Mar-2015 Sunday Service How To Make Heaven Smile Pastor Simeon Afolabi
25-Mar-2015 Wednesday Service Wealth Creation: Following Biblical Principles (2) Pastor Simeon Afolabi
18-Mar-2015 Wednesday Service Wealth Creation: Following Biblical Principles (1) Pastor Simeon Afolabi
15-Mar-2015 Sunday Service An Ideal Heart For Enlargement Pastor Mrs Ruth Afolabi
1-Mar-2015 Sunday Service The Hand Of God Pastor Linus Ochai
25-Feb-2015 Wednesday Service Strategies For Enlargement Pastor Linus Ochai
22-Feb-2015 Sunday Service A Link In The Chain Pastor Simeon Afolabi
14-Jan-2015 Wednesday Service How To Experience Enlargement Pastor Simeon Afolabi
4-Jan-2015 Sunday Service All Sufficient Grace Pastor Linus Ochai
1-Jan-2015 New Year Service Golden Rule For A Year Of Enlargement Pastor Simeon Afolabi