Daily Devotional


“The inheritance of the children of Simeon was included in the share of the children of Judah, for the share of the children of Judah was too much for them. Therefore the children of Simeon had their inheritance within the inheritance of that people.” Joshua 19:9





According to the scripture before us, the tribe of Simeon did not have a distinct allocation in the Promised Land. Rather than accept the plain explanation given for this, some have opined that it was to serve as punishment for the misdeed of their forbear. For the record, Simeon went out on a vengeance mission against a nation because of his sister Dinah who was molested. As Jacob was about to die, he cursed his anger and of course that of Levi who was an accomplice. What appeared as a debilitating pronouncement was eventually overturned when Moses put benediction on the tribes of Israel. It is instructive that Reuben did worse thing than Simeon and Reuben; yet he had possession. If anyone would have been denied inheritance it would be Reuben. God is just; if He did not hold anything against Reuben there is no way He would hold it against Simeon.


As the text explains, the inheritance of Judah was rather too much for them; “therefore the children of Simeon had their inheritance within the inheritance of that people”. This is clear and direct. What is even more important for us is the lesson that this portends. Believers hold different amounts of this world’s goods. Whenever anyone has more than is needed for his immediate and future needs, such a person should realize that God has determined that others would have their inheritance in what he holds. If we follow this rule there will neither be hoarding or lack among God’s people.



PRAYER: Father, let the spirit of mutual reciprocity rule among the brethren.