Daily Devotional


“Behold, God is mighty, but despises no one; He is mighty in strength of understanding.” Job 36:5




There is no gainsaying that the world generally mirrors ourselves back to us. This boils down to saying that if we do not accept ourselves, it will be difficult to find people who will accept us. Some people have a pretty difficult time accepting themselves. Careful observation will reveal that those who complain of being unloved are unloving to themselves. How such individuals need to re-examine our text, that God does not despise anyone; so there is no reason for you to feel despised. People who have poor attitude accepting themselves have not yet seen the beauty of God at work in their creation. You are not inferior to anyone; any inferiority you may feel is your own creation.


Considering the work of Christ on Calvary’s tree will enhance your perception of yourself. If you are born again, it has cost God the dearest thing, the spotless blood of Jesus, to redeem you. If you are altogether worthless, how could God have spent so much to reclaim you from destruction? We imply from Jesus teaching that a soul is worth in excess of the material world put together. You are indeed precious, and you are special. It is the physical reality of people that makes them lose sense of worth. But think of it this way: a gold coin in the street that has been beaten by rain and trodden under foot is no less in value than the fresh one from the mint. If you clean up that trodden coin, you can still exchange it for your desire. That’s how life is sometimes. If you have been emotionally broken, the potter can put you together again and release you to go and fulfill your potential.



PRAYER: Holy Spirit, help me to see myself the way the Father sees me.