Daily Devotional


“And He will destroy on this mountain The surface of the covering cast over all people, And the veil that is spread over all nations.” Isaiah 25:7



The news media was awash with the suicide of Dr. Allwell Orji who jumped into the lagoon in Lagos sometime in March this year. No suicide note has been found. Barely a week after this unfortunate incidence, two other women attempted the same path. One of them actually jumped into the lagoon but was rescued, while a timely intervention of people kept the other woman from her bid. Many people blame this negative trend on hard economic realities in the nation. It can only be appropriately described in the words of Isaiah as a covering cast on people.


Whatever reason is adduced for this development, we cannot separate it from attitude. Yesterday we focused on personal attitude to self. We noted that if we have negative attitude, that is exactly what the world will play back to us. It is not different from attitude to the economic environment of the nation. Just as an individual can lose self-confidence, so can confidence be lost in the nation or in life at large. Those who have positive attitude are still making headway despite the difficult terrain. It is one of two ways: either we are going to succumb to the pressure of the environment or allow the spirit within us to rise and take care of matters. Children of God do not have to get to a state of despair, because our Heavenly Father promised never to leave or forsake us. As we look unto Him, He will destroy the covering cast over the land.



PRAYER: Father, help me not to lose the will to live.