Daily Devotional



“In Him also we have obtained an inheritance, being predestined according to the purpose of Him who works all things according to the counsel of His will”. Ephesians 1:11







It is amazing how a simple change in perspective can bring incredible power and help one cope with seemingly negative issues of life. No one bears a more eloquent testimony of this than a young woman called Louise. She was raped, not by a stranger, but by someone who should be protecting her. Things got worse for her when she discovered that she got pregnant from the assault. Feminists often make a strong case for abortion in such circumstance; but Louise would have none of that. Hear her words on this: “When people say abortion is needed in cases of rape, I feel that is very unfair. If your body has already started to create life, undoing that process seems very detrimental. I also knew that there’s already a heart beating. There’s already a life there. And for me to go and intentionally take away someone’s intent to life, that wouldn’t sit well with me for the rest of my life”.


Louise kept the pregnancy and gave birth to a beautiful girl who she describes as an angel. She claims she has learned to look for the beauty in the disaster. All this happened because she changed her perspective. If we cast this in the frame of our recent meditations, we would say the hope and joy she now shares is because of right attitude. Some other women in her shoes would curse the day they were born. They would grudge the rapist all their life and never forgive him. They might even wonder if God is as loving and caring as the Bible says; wondering why He would allow such evil to take place. Her attitude overcame all negative emotions and brought healing to her wounded heart. Healing can be your experience too.



PRAYER: Father, heal people who are wounded and broken; in Jesus’ name.