Daily Devotional


“A sound heart is life to the body, But envy is rottenness to the bones”. Proverbs 14:30














In our previous meditation we observed that our attitude could portray us either as winners or losers. We are carrying this thought a little further today. Take note that it is possible to obtain results by worldly standards and still be plagued with the attitude of a loser. The first king of Israel bears evidence of this. As soon as David returned from the slaughter of that intimidating Goliath and the women began to celebrate his achievement, Saul became uncomfortable. That’s the first negative tendency. It is a display of negative attitude not to be able to celebrate other people’s successes. Saul had been celebrated a couple of times; but a time came when he needed to stand by and watch another person celebrated.


True success is more than the attainment of your God-given goals; you have to be happy with what God has made happen for you. Besides, you also must be happy with what God is doing in other people’s lives. Another evidence of negative attitude put up by Saul was insecurity. He imposed personal meanings into the innocent praise of the women. He figured out that they assigned more to David than to him; and that they might eventually desire David as king over him. Insecurity is a negative attitude. The fear of being overtaken was at the root of many of Saul’s diabolical ploys against David. Eventually he fell into his own trap. Even though Saul had enjoyed enormous goodwill, he was not prepared to show same to anyone else. A winning attitude in life does not play monopoly with opportunities; a winning attitude is ready to share the credit with other people.



PRAYER: Holy Spirit, dislodge all works of the flesh and fill me up.