Daily Devotional


 “Man who is born of woman Is of few days and full of trouble”. Job 14:1



















The late Missionary Evangelist, Arthur Hokett made some powerful impressions on me. I recall two of them which he taught in Bible School in Kaduna about 1986. Firstly, he said the natural tendency of fire is to go out. I have confirmed that to be true. Whether it is natural fire or fire of revival, they are likely to go out unless somebody is constantly supplying the needed fuel. The second was an illustration. He told the class that a group of people got tired of their individual problems and wanted to trade places with other persons. Everyone was asked to drop their problem in a bowl. After that they each had to pick another at random. When they had closely studied the new problem they picked, they all preferred to return to what they earlier dropped!


Our scriptural text concludes it very well: everybody has problems in life. The easy, prosperous lives you are seeing across the fence may be an illusion after all. When you draw close, you may discover that what you consider as your problem is lightweight compared to what they are carrying. All that is required to have trouble in this world is to be born into it. The issue is not whether we will have problems; it is how we are going to handle them. It is about choosing not to grow weary and bitter because of problems, but to become better people. Children of God must know how to appropriate the promise of the Master. He said those who carry heavy loads can come and have rest. You must learn to say with the songwriter, “With Jesus I can make it”!



PRAYER: Lord, be my hiding place in times of trouble.