Daily Devotional


 “And when the disciples saw Him walking on the sea, they were troubled, saying, “It is a ghost!” And they cried out for fear”. Matthew 14:26

































In our meditation yesterday, we noted that what we believe controls our lives. If this is so, our belief system must be powerful indeed. Without gainsaying, what a man believes determines the trajectory of his life. What we need to add here is that beliefs also govern the interpretation we give to people, places, and happenings around us. In our text, the disciples definitely got their interpretation wrong.


The disciples had had a rough time on the sea while trying to cross to the other side. Somewhat about 4 or 5 am Jesus walked towards them. He had apparently seen them struggling to contain the contrary waves. His coming to them was to offer relief and calm the sea. Did they see it like that? No, they thought a ghost was coming to make worse their already bad state. They read their salvation as their doom. They responded with fear. Whenever our interpretation of a people, thing, or event is faulty our response will be equally faulty. How often do we read wrongly the things that God designed to bless us! How often do we misjudge people who are sent to help us! Right interpretation begins with right beliefs. Therefore, we must strive to align our beliefs with the inerrant word of God.



PRAYER: Spirit of God, uproot from me every wrong belief.