Daily Devotional


“Simon Peter, a bondservant and apostle of Jesus Christ…” 2 PETER 1:1

In Peter’s first epistle, he simply introduced himself as “an apostle of Jesus Christ”. In this second letter he introduced an important word – a bondservant – to his apostleship. How significant is that word? To get a clear picture of this, we need to explore an Old Testament practice regarding servants. When a man comes into the service of another, he is expected to serve six years. At the commencement of the seventh year he is set at liberty, free to go wherever he pleases. However, if he says he loves his master and will like to remain in his employ, the servant is brought to the judges. The master will bore the ear of his servants, and from that time on he is bonded. He has no choice but to serve his master forever. Details of this can be read from Exodus 21:1-6.


When Peter described himself as bondservant, therefore, he was simply saying I have taken an oath of allegiance. He implied that the Lord Jesus had put a mark on him. He wasn’t an on-and-off servant, but one that had come to stay permanently in service for the rest of his life. It played out exactly that way for Peter. This should be the stand of every believer. We should be bondservants of the Lord Jesus; that regardless of what happens we are not going to turn back. Jesus loved us to the end; our honour and service of Him must equally be to the end.


PRAYER: Father, strengthen me to serve You to the end.