Daily Devotional


“But also for this very reason, giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue, to virtue knowledge”. 2 PETER 1:5

We employed this text for our meditation yesterday, but in its abridged form. We focused on the need to add virtue or goodness to faith. That of course will require diligence as do any other addition. Peter does not want us to rest on our oars by simply adding virtue to faith; the next building block is knowledge. It is interesting to note the emphasis that Peter puts on knowledge. This is the third time knowledge is mentioned within the first five verses of this chapter. The first mention of knowledge is in the context of grace and peace. Knowledge is the precursor to these twin blessings. The next mention of knowledge is in the context of God’s extreme promises. Knowledge of the promises will bring them within reach and turn us to carriers of divine nature. This is the third time Peter mentioned knowledge, and it is one of the things that must be added to the infrastructure of faith.


Without doubt, the knowledge we are enjoined to add to our life of faith and virtue is the knowledge of God. However, when we increase in this it will light up other facets of knowledge as well. For instance, the more we grow in the knowledge of God the more of ourselves we know. He who knows God well is the one who knows himself. It is only by His light we get light. Moreover, the more of God’s knowledge we have the more mastery we gain over Satan. When we see more of God, Satan’s looming image dwindles.


PRAYER: Father, teach me what I am yet to know.