Daily Devotional


“Therefore, brethren, be even more diligent to make your call and election sure…” 2 PETER 1:10

This verse holds for me a special appeal as it helped to shine the light at a time I was seeking for my place in destiny. I remember that I was seeking God’s face early in life for direction. At that time I was lingering between two opinions, to go into gospel ministry or not. Then one day I read this text demanding diligence to “make your calling and election sure”. Like a thunderbolt, it hit me strongly that my place is actually in the gospel. Some other Scriptures have come alive in similar version when faced with crucial decisions. I have since learned the importance of spending longer time in the Word when looking for direction. Unfailingly, you will always find a word for your situation if you stay long enough studying. It may come by direct instruction or application; just hang in there.


Though the Holy Spirit used this word for me in a special way, it must never be forgotten that it has a general application. At the beginning of the Book Peter wrote to those who had obtained precious faith like theirs. It is correct therefore that everyone who obtained this faith is also called and elected. What everyone needs to do is to press in the spirit to know the nature of their call. Mine is to be a preacher and teacher of the word; for others their calling may be to man a government post or be occupied in the marketplace. No call is inferior to the other; all that is required is faithful stewardship.


PRAYER: Holy Spirit, reveal the dispensation of God’s work that has been committed to my charge.