Daily Devotional


“Knowing that shortly I must put off my tent, just as our Lord Jesus Christ showed me”. 2 PETER 1:14

What did Peter mean when he talked of “my tent”? He was referring to his body or his physical life. And by talking of putting it off, he was discussing his death. This brings out two important lessons. Firstly, it reminds us of the temporariness of the physical life. No matter how long it seems, the physical life has a fixed span. Sooner or later everybody will cease from this realm. For this reason, we must learn to put emphasis where it rightly belongs. So many people invest unduly on the body which is nothing more than a structure housing the real man. The spirit side of life should receive priority attention always.


The second thing that has a strong appeal in the text is the liberty with which Peter discussed his imminent death. For most people, death is a sour subject that must not be discussed at all or maybe only in whispers. The liberty Peter exercised on this subject was born of the assurance of the glory waiting for him, having used his entire life to walk the path set for him by the Master. Those who are born again ought to have the same blessed assurance and not allow a foreboding thought of death steal their joy. There is hope beyond the grave for the redeemed of the Lord.


PRAYER: Spirit of the Lord, liberate the resurrection power in me.