Daily Devotional


“Moreover I will be careful to ensure that you always have a reminder of these things after my decease”. 2 PETER 1:15

In our previous meditation we noted the liberty with which Peter discussed his pending death. That liberty came from the fact that the second death had no power over him, having been born again. This is true of everyone that is born of God; they have passed from spiritual death unto life. They are not supposed to be under the fear and torment of physical death any longer, knowing that it is only a passage to the glorious eternal Kingdom of God.


Notwithstanding this assurance of victory, every child of God must do what Peter did. When he wrote his epistle it was from a sense of urgency. The Lord had revealed to him that his tenure on earth was coming to an end; so he needed to set things in order among the people he served as overseer. He wrote not just for his legacy but much more for the sake of important things that would help the faith of the brethren after he had gone. Not many of us will have the privilege that Peter enjoyed, knowing the exact time of our departure from this world. Therefore, we must imbibe the same sense of urgency in setting things in order. We must, as it were, draw our own obituary. We must work intentionally towards the things we will like to leave as legacy. Leaders of churches and businesses must do enough to provide guidelines for ready reference when they are no more. This is what can ensure continuity of whatever God has given us to do during our brief stay on earth.

PRAYER: Holy Spirit, give me the wisdom to set my affairs in order.