Daily Devotional


“And many will follow their destructive ways, because of whom the way of truth will be blasphemed”. 2 PETER 2:2

John the Beloved wrote that we should not be gullible, taking in whatever gibberish anyone puts forth. He wants us to test the spirits behind every manifestation. Looking at the face of Christianity in our part of the globe, we are constantly assaulted by many extra-biblical practices. What is abundantly clear is that every strange practice or ordinance in the name of Christianity is traceable to false teachings. The danger posed by false prophets is grave indeed. Imagine that it was only one Simon that took the whole of Samaria to ransom. He put himself up as a servant of God, though he was a practicing sorcerer. Acts 8:9 says that the entire city gave heed to him! This confirms the word of our text, that many will be enticed to follow the destructive ways of these pretenders. Many will be destroyed even in their sincerity, unless they learn to discern. Please be reminded that not every cross-branded building is a house of God; and not every Bible-wielding preacher is on divine mission.


Yesterday, we stressed the importance of keeping it real with Scripture, learning to test everything against the timeless principles of the word of God. Today, we shall add some extra test kits in order to stay safe. Charles Simeon, of Trinity Church, Cambridge, proposed a three-way question to test preachers and their preaching.  “Does it humble sinner? Does it exalt (the) Saviour? Does it promote holiness?” If a ministry does not live by these rules receive it with a pinch of salt.



PRAYER: Father, bless Your children with discernment.