Daily Devotional


“(for that righteous man, dwelling among them, tormented his righteous soul from day to day by seeing and hearing their lawless deeds)”. 2 PETER 2:8

This verse describes Lot. He cuts across to us as a believer in the Lord but with poor sense of judgment. His business success was traced to his association with his uncle, Abraham. Genesis 13:5 describes his wealth in terms of flocks and tents. In order to avert a clash in the family, Abram advised a separation, giving him the opportunity to make the first choice of land. That was when his business mind went into gear. He looked over the plain of Jordan, in the precinct of Sodom and chose it because of lush grass and ready access to water. Unfortunately, the city was wholly given to ungodliness.


Whatever Lot lacked in judgment was compensated for by his inner longing for righteousness. Our text says while the orgies of sex and violence was going on in Sodom, his soul was grieved from day to day. This is how we can identify true believers. They groan at what amuses the world; they detest what attracts people of low virtue. Believers are to arm themselves with the same mindset as their Lord. We are to delight in what delights Him, and be grieved with what grieves His heart. The Spirit of God in us and the spirit of the world cannot be on the same half of the field; they are constantly opposed to each other. To be comfortable where sin holds sway is a picture of a backslidden state.



PRAYER: Holy Spirit, cause my heart to yearn for right things always.